Screen Printing Manufacturer and Digital Printing Company

Chung Ting Industrial Co., Ltd

Screen Printing and Digital Printing

With more than 35 years of screen printing manufacturer and digital printing company experience, Chung Ting is the best service provider to all over the world.

Chung Ting Industrial Co., Ltd has been trying to develop thick digitally printed elastic webbing for customer. (Thickness: 2-5mm)

The raw materials include general yarn and recycled yarn. Short and long fibers. Elastic or non-elastic webbing.

Chung Ting is a screen printing manufacturer and digital printing company, and was founded in 1985. We have accumulated rich experiences in printing webbing. As a cutting-edge webbing manufacturer, we understand the importance of high-quality printing methods for our products. That's why we have invested in both screen printing and digital printing technologies.

Our screen printing techniques allow us to create intricate and vibrant designs on our webbing materials. With this method, we can ensure that logos, patterns, and graphics stand out and withstand the test of time. From fashion accessories to industrial applications, our screen printing capabilities cater to a wide range of industries.