Digital Printing

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Digital Printing

Digital Printing Webbing :

Directly from customer's ai file and printing webbing by heat transfer.

Compared with screen printing, digital printing can provide lower moq and richer pattern design

The pattern also won't come off due to friction.


Webbing could be elastic and non-elastic.

raw material:  polyester


Digital printing has revolutionized the world of webbing customization, offering a range of advantages and possibilities. With digital printing webbing, the process begins directly from the customer's AI file, which is then transferred onto the webbing using heat transfer techniques.

One notable advantage of digital printing over traditional screen printing is the ability to provide lower Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs). This means that even small-scale orders can be accommodated, allowing for more flexibility and accessibility. Additionally, digital printing enables the creation of richer and more intricate pattern designs, thanks to its high-resolution capabilities. The level of detail and complexity achievable with digital printing is truly impressive.

Moreover, when it comes to durability, digital printing excels. The patterns and designs applied through digital printing are resistant to friction and wear, ensuring that they won't easily fade or come off over time. This makes digital printing webbing a reliable choice for long-lasting and visually appealing products.


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